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Please check out our proof of concept! (16 min/43 sec)


OUR proof of concept

A proof of concept is a way to get a glimpse into a film before it's been shot. Our’s is an extended version of a few key scenes introducing characters and the mood audiences will experience. We hope you'll check out award winning filmmaker Daniel V. Masciari's unique examination of the magic we can find in life's hidden moments. 



On Christmas Eve 1998 in Binghamton, NY, a solitary cab driver breathlessly awaits the sight of the International Space Station, which will pass overhead for the first time at midnight. During this poetic, funny, and often absurd account of the hours leading up to the event, he encounters an offbeat ensemble of misfits who, while trying to understand the meaning of home, find unexpected unity when gazing into the majesty of space.


OUR Journey

Stationed at Home is the latest work from writer/director Daniel V. Masciari. Over the last year and a half, Daniel and his hard working production team have secured locations in Binghamton and Ithaca, cast the film, defined budgets and shooting schedules, and put together a proof of concept (above). We are currently financing the production and post-production phases of the film. 

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